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They Voted to Allow Drilling in Dallas Park Land

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Documents have been revealed today showing that in June of 2008, current City Council member Delia Jasso, Monica Alonzo, along with rumored City Council candidate Lee Kleinman attended a Park and Recreation Board meeting  as Park and Rec Board members, and then voted to allow drilling under Dallas park lands.  Also in attendance were Park and Rec Board President Tom Baker, City Planning Commissioner Michael Anglin, Darren Boruff, Taylor Brannon, Ann Margolin, Jean Milligan, Wayne Smith, Gabriel Soto, Gail Terrell, Joan Walne, and Tiffani Young. This meeting was held  after City Manager Mary Suhm was revealed to have crafted agreements with XTO Energy and Trinity East Energy to allow gas drilling throughout the city limits in February 2008.

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The Park and Rec Board meeting concluded with an agreement to allow Trinity East Energy to drill horizontally under the parklands but not allow drilling on the park lands surface. In 2011…

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LNG Comments


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Virgins Voyage

Sailing trip through the Virgin Islands

Virgins Voyage Final  here Waldo Johnston at Work in the Drake Channel

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Prohibiting Shale Gas Industrialization

Prevent Your Town From Being Fracked

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Fracking Fictions – Video | myBrainshark

Fracking Fictions – Video | myBrainshark.

Fracking fictions in New York – debunked

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Fracking New York YouTube Video

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