Fracking Trucks / Frack Truck Convoys

Corner of Main & Frack

Fracking Truck Convoys Descend on Main Street

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4 Responses to Fracking Trucks / Frack Truck Convoys

  1. chiptex says:

    Jeff Reynolds and I did a Power Point on the impact of frack truck convoys in New York. Jeff photoshopped some images of fracking truck tankers, etc. onto photos he took of typical Upstate New York scenes – including village centers in the Marcellus Shale region.

    We got statistics on the number of truckloads per well from the NY DEC, confirmed them with some data from Texas, and ran the numbers on what that would equate to in terms of truck traffic. Not pretty, as the photoshopped images indicate.

    Click on the photoshopped image of frack truck convoy for a narrated power point.

    Or go to to download the pdf version

  2. Jeffrey Reynolds says:

    Simply lorrifying!

  3. Jackie Severance says:

    I enjoyed the simple but informative approach! I hope that people who cannot quite “get it together” approach their localities with your version to express the distaste the whole production leaves in our lives. I have been unable to attend local meetings but just forwarded it in the hopes they view it! Thank you!

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